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2014 | 04 | 22

In the beginning of March, colleagues of the project “FORR-ÁSZ” (an R&D project to improve environmentally friendly soldering materials from primary and secondary resources to the automotive industry) have closed the first 14 months of the program. A conference

2014 | 04 | 05

The DIGÉP Mini Steel Mills/DIGÉP Mini Acélmű had founded in the past few days. The Mini Mill will have consist of from a  new, energy-efficient (with scrap pre-heating technology) steel mill and from a rolling-mill by 2016. The new Steel Mill

2014 | 04 | 03

The so-called “innotéka” web portal had published an interview with Prof. Dr. Jenő Dúl. The full article can be seen there.  „Gyula Nándori professor, who taught there between 1959 and 1990 ,was one of the first professor in the field of

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02 | 25 | 2014

The world’s first technical academic qualification system (the so-called Academia Monastica) for miners and metallurgists was established at Selmecbánya in 22 October 1762 by Queen Terézia Mária . Our institute is one the successor of this formerly founded Institution.

02 | 25 | 2014

Our institute has a very vivid history in the field of education, but on the other hand it has got a plenty of unique connections and partners in the industry, due to the fact of being a special kind

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02 | 25 | 2014

There are numerous machines at the Faculty of Materials Sciences and Engineering, that are available for investigations as in industrial circumstances, too. For instance, we have pressure die casting machines with hot and cold chambers, furthermore induction furnaces with

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