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The Miskolc Steel Mills…
Date: 04 | 05 | 2014 | Written by: Zoltán Harangi

The DIGÉP Mini Steel Mills/DIGÉP Mini Acélmű had founded in the past few days.

Dr.  István Sziklavári

Dr. István Sziklavári

The Mini Mill will have consist of from a  new, energy-efficient (with scrap pre-heating technology) steel mill and from a rolling-mill by 2016.

The new Steel Mill is a very big opportunity for our Ferrous-Metallurgical research team, because now its financial and scientific background became notably stronger.

On the other hand at April 03. the CTO (István Sziklavári Dr.) of the newly estabilshed Steel Mill had given us a presentation at our lecture room, as a part of our Laddle Metallurgy course.

In his lecture he said that the mill needs metallurgical engineers in various fields (metallurgy, heat treatment, metal forming, quality control, etc.). They would like to apply the new team progressively during the building phase, in order to have a good team, when they start to produce and roll steel.

Furthermore, in the following video, the basic of the applied technology can be seen:



The Miskolc Steel Mills…
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