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Over the halftime – FORR-ÁSZ
Date: 04 | 22 | 2014 | Written by: Gergely Tóth

In the beginning of March, colleagues of the project “FORR-ÁSZ” (an R&D project to improve environmentally friendly soldering materials from primary and secondary resources to the automotive industry) have closed the first 14 months of the program. A conference was held in the fields of Materials Science.

On the noted event, one could get information about our Department’s participation in the project. Parts of our most important results were presented to the public. Presentations of our Department:

Dr. Tamás Török, Máté Szabó, Éva Kun, Dániel Soós, Tibor Ferenczi, Györgyi Glodán, Dr. László Kövér, Dr. József Hakl:

Thin layer surface treatments for lead free tin soldering

Péter Urbán, Éva Kun, Dániel Soós, Tibor Ferenczi, Máté Szabó, Dr. Tamás Török:

Surface cleaning experiments with plasma flow, using Plasmatreater AS 400

Tibor Kulcsár, Dr. Tamás Kékesi:

Continous experimental investigation of electrolytic tin refining and evaluation of electrode processes

Zoltán Harangi, Dr. Tamás Kékesi:

Converting tin-dioxide containing dross arising from melting of soldering waste to a favourable form for hydrometallurgical processing

Gergely B. Tóth, Masahito Uchikoshi, Dr. Tamás Kékesi:

Potentiodynamic analysis of polarization properties influencing cathodic deposition in tin-chloride – HCl solutions

Here you can see pictures about the conference. You can also read the program in Hungarian.

More information about the project (mostly in Hungarian):

Over the halftime – FORR-ÁSZ
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