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The site has renewed
Date: 03 | 27 | 2014 | Written by: Zoltán Harangi

new_buttonAfter a really hard work, we can finally announce, that the website of the Institute has renewed.

At the Main menu in three block the freshest articles of the site can be seen, under it the three most important article can be found. In the News center, you can find all of our articles.In the Institute menu you can find information about us , and about our connections.With the renewed portal, the communication between the students and the lecturers have became more simple, the teachers upload every lesson for their subjects, and every requirements for the exams to the  Education menu.

At the Research menu you can get information about the research work at the Institute and in the Equipment menu all of our BAT laboratories can be seen.If you look up to the Gallery , you could catch a few moments from the life of the Institute.

Finally if you have any problem or advice connected to the website, do not hesitate to get in contact with the webmaster.

The site has renewed
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